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The Bob's Burgers and Archer crossover isn't dead yet

Actress Kristen Schaal says things are being worked out

Ever since the season four premiere of FX's Archer, which featured a made-for-fans crossover between Fox's Bob's Burgers and Archer, the cast of both shows have been asked multiple times if a full-length episode that focused characters from both series would ever be made.

During the Television Critics Association conference in Los Angeles on Friday, actress Kristen Schaal, who voices Louise on Bob's Burgers, joked that while it should be enough that Archer's voice is coming out of Bob's face (both characters are voiced by H. Jon Benjamin), she knows it's something that people have been dying to see.

"Since they aired that episode, people have been asking us non-stop about it," Schaal told Polygon. "I think that since people are still asking for it, Loren [Bouchard, the creator of Bob's Burgers] is very close to figuring it out."

The main problem with the crossover, or rather the biggest issue that Bouchard and Archer creator Adam Reed face is the tonal differences in both shows. Not only is Archer intended for a more mature audience, but it also relies heavily on pop culture references for a majority of its jokes. A facet, Schaal said, that Bob's Burgers tries to stay away from.

"We don't make a lot of pop culture jokes on our show," Schaal said. "So I don't know how they could make it work for both shows, but they are talking about it."

Recently, Archer underwent its third major thematic shift. It moved away from focusing on a top secret spy organization and found the team leaving New York City for Los Angeles to become private eyes. Before that, Archer and his crew went from being spies at ISIS — a name they had to change in the fifth season — to cocaine dealers and unruly outlaws in Mexico.

Archer is heading into its seventh season at FX with Bob's Burgers, a comedy about an eclectic family and their burger shop, also going into its seventh season.

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