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Mr. Robot creator doesn’t see the show going past five seasons

Could possibly end after the fourth

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot creator, showrunner and director Sam Esmail originally envisioned the series as a feature-length film, so it’s not too surprising that he already has the ending planned out.

Speaking at an event hosted by the Television Academy ahead of the Emmy Awards this Sunday, Esmail said that when he first started working on Mr. Robot with USA, he didn’t think that it would become the critical success that it has. Although there’s pressure to keep a series that popular around for as long as possible, Esmail said he didn’t see it going past five seasons, keeping the finale in the back of his mind while planning.

"Initially this was supposed to be a feature-length film and so I know where we’re going and the ending, so probably about four or five seasons," Esmail told Variety.

The creator added that he didn’t expect a series like Mr. Robot, which he referred to as a "weird little show," to catch on as quickly as it did. This is Esmail’s first series but he’s often said that the experience he’s at with Mr. Robot and with USA has encouraged him to continue working in the medium.

Mr. Robot is in its second season right now with the finale scheduled to air next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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