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Stranger Things’ latest trailer sheds more light on what happened to Eleven

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Everything will be explained on Oct. 27

Turns out the final trailer for Stranger Things’ second season wasn’t so final after all. Netflix delivered another clip from the upcoming season at London Comic Con today.

The excerpt is introduced by Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays Eleven in the series. It concerns what has happened to her character since last year’s finale, so it’s probably a good idea to offer a spoiler warning here.

Eleven’s fate was left unresolved after her showdown fight with the Demogorgon in Hawkins Middle School to close out last year. In the clip above, it seems she’s figured out a way to open a portal from the Upside Down back to our world, landing right back in the school.

Stranger Things’ second season arrives Oct. 27 — a week from this Friday — on Netflix. The season will ready to view in its entirety on that date for subscribers. Until then, watch a nearly three-minute trailer and read a much more detailed breakdown of what’s going on in it.