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Daredevil season 3 teaser addresses The Defenders finale

Defenders’ storyline may play a big part going forward

Daredevil Netflix

Netflix released a short teaser for Daredevil’s upcoming third season and, if you haven’t seen The Defenders, you’re going to want to stop reading now.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Defenders and Daredevil season two.]

The Defenders finale buried Matt Murdock beneath a pile of rubble following an implosion of Midland Circle that brought an entire building down upon him. While the teaser video included in a tweet sent out via the official Daredevil account plays on that concept, it’s the two words listed just underneath that are the most important.

“I’m fine.”

It’s made clear that Daredevil’s third season will address everything that happened during The Defenders, including that finale. The last time we saw Murdock, he had awoken in a convent, unaware of where he was and being taken care of by nuns. One of those nuns, Maggie Murdock, is Matt’s mother. The scene hinted at part of what we could expect from the third season, but not all of it. What’s Murdock going to be capable of after getting out of the implosion alive? How will his life be altered? It seems very unlikely that this will be the same Daredevil as before.

The inclusion of the defend hashtag, which was used to promote The Defenders, may also tease some crossover appearances from other heroes. Now that Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Danny Rand and Murdock all know each other, their stories are going to be more linked than they’ve been. There are a number of unanswered questions left from the first season of The Defenders, and it only makes sense that the group’s storyline will continue through each of the individual, stand-alone series.

Daredevil’s third season doesn’t have a premiere date, but an announcement trailer from San Diego Comic-Con this past summer confirming the show’s return promised it would return “soon.” Expect it to premiere sometime in 2018.

The next Marvel and Netflix series set to be released is The Punisher, but it’s unclear when the show will debut on Netflix. A press event at New York Comic Con for the series, which many believed was going to be where the premiere date would be announced, was cancelled after a mass shooting in Las Vegas left more than 50 dead and hundreds injured. Both Marvel and Netflix confirmed it would be insensitive to talk about the show, which uses heavy gun violence, while the nation was mourning.

It has been rumored that The Punisher will be released later this fall. Polygon has asked Netflix multiple times for confirmation to no reply.

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