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Teenage angst, superpowers and death come alive in Marvel’s Runaways trailer

And some creepy, cultish rituals

A new teaser trailer for Marvel’s Runaways, Hulu’s first superhero show from the comics giant, elaborates on the teenage angst and deadly situation that the first trailer teased.

Death, kidnappings, demonic possession and cult rituals all come to play in the new trailer, casting an evil blanket over a group of suburban parents. When their teenagers stumble upon their wicked deeds, everything goes to hell as their secret double life comes to fruition.

In the original Runaways comics, the adults belong to a group called “the Pride,” which consists of an assortment of characters like mob bosses, wizards and telepathic mutants. As the teens learn that they’ve inherited certain powers from their parents, they band together as their own dysfunctional family, and fight for all that’s good. In the comics, they defeat their parents, but it’s unclear from the teaser if the show will follow the same trajectory.

Marvel’s Runaways is being produced by some of television’s most notable creators, including Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl), Stephanie Savage (The O.C.), Jim Chory (Jessica Jones) and Marvel’s head of television, Jeph Loeb (The Defenders, Jessica Jones).

Hulu will debut the first three episodes of The Runaways on Nov. 21.

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