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Netflix’s Altered Carbon trailer paints a grotesque, violent dystopian future

The future is bleak

The first trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of Altered Carbon is a difficult one to sit through if you have a weak stomach.

Violent endoscopies, deep gashes on the back of necks and bodies trapped in tight-sealed bags flash intermittently throughout the trailer. The end of the minute-long video provides a better look at the cybernetic future, overrun by sci-fi tropes like neon lights and hardened robots keeping order in a dark, bleak city.

Altered Carbon is based on Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 cyberpunk novel of the same name. The series is set 500 years in the future where ultra-rich people can afford to update their bodies, which are referred to as “sleeves.” Their memories and consciousness are able to be stored on digital implants, referred to as “stacks,” and can be transported between bodies as people upgrade.

Altered Carbon will follow Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary who becomes a revolutionary. Kovacs has his unconsciousness imprisoned and, when he’s awakened in a new body hundreds of years later, learns a wealthy businessman, Laurens Bancroft, has freed him with the intention that Kovacs would help Bancroft solve a crime.

Altered Carbon stars Joel Kinnaman, Kristin Lehman, Chris Connor, Antonio Marziale and Hiro Kanagawa.

Altered Carbon will be available to stream on Feb. 2, 2018.

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