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Where are all of Jughead’s hamburgers on Riverdale?

People are concerned


Riverdale isn’t an exact adaptation of the Archie Comics series, so it’s fair to assume that not every aspect from the beloved tales will make it into the show. That being said, people have begun to notice something very peculiar that the community wants an answer to: Why hasn’t Jughead eaten a hamburger yet?

So far there have been three episodes of Riverdale. In each, there are multiple scenes where the classic Archie gang — plus the addition of Kevin Keller — are hanging out at Pop’s Chok’lit Shoppe. Like the comics, it’s a place for Archie and the gang to hang out and, unlike the comics, try to figure out what’s happening in their small town following the death of Jason Blossom.

Most of the time, Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse) is writing on his laptop, knocking back cup after cup of coffee and generally ranting about the state of the world. He is, in essence, the quintessential sad lit boy on television. Despite the shift in Jughead’s persona, which most fans have been able to get behind, the one aspect of his character that has been forgotten is how much he loves hamburgers.

Archie Comics

In one particular comic, Jughead has to take on a bigger, meaner foe from a rival school when the Riverdale High crew is challenged to a hamburger eating contest. Jughead manages to out-eat his competitor, a kid named Rhino, and celebrates by scarfing down even more hamburgers with Archie, Reggie, Moose and others.

It’s a defining feature of his character, and fans have begun to notice that he still hasn’t had one on Riverdale yet, despite the amount of time he spends hanging out and writing at the Shoppe.

In an interview with Hollywood Life in January, Sprouse talked about Jughead’s affinity for hamburgers. The question came after being asked about Jughead’s sexuality, which has been a point of contention for fans who want the character to remain asexual on the series.

“Jughead will have romances with women ... and burgers,” Sprouse said.

It’s been four episodes and there has yet to be a moment where Jughead scarfs down a hamburger before making room for a sandwich, ice cream sundae or, perhaps more in line with traditional Jughead Jones moments, more hamburgers.

Hopefully, Jughead will return to Pop’s Shoppe next week and indulge in at least one juicy burger.

Riverdale airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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