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Rick and Morty fans desperate for third season get trolled by Adult Swim

Never going to give you up

Rick and Morty’s third season is something of a myth at this point, and Adult Swim has had a lot of fun playing with fans’ emotions.

The network released a video today on its YouTube page proclaiming to have the first scene — a whopping 40 seconds of new footage — from the show’s third season. What transpires, however, is a brilliant if slightly overplayed Rickrolling meme. The video features quick snippets of different moments from Rick and Morty’s first two seasons mashed together.

The network asks viewers to share the video with their friends and then downvote it excessively, but doesn’t provide any actual update on when the show’s third season will finally premiere. In January, co-creator Dan Harmon went on a Twitter rant about the show, admitting that season three was taking longer than the producers originally thought, but saying it would be released when they were done with it.

Harmon ended the 15-tweet explanation by reiterating that season three wouldn’t be released any faster just because fans were demanding it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social platform they possibly could.

“Keep telling me to release season three,” Harmon tweeted. “It accomplishes nothing, it makes you seem 15 and dumb, which is fine. See you soon!”

Rick and Morty’s first two seasons are currently available to stream through Adult Swim’s website.