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Catch up with every episode of Samurai Jack with Adult Swim’s livestream marathon

Before the fifth season premieres

Samurai Jack Cartoon Network

With Samurai Jack’s fifth season just around the corner, Adult Swim is offering a constant livestream marathon of each episode back-to-back to help fans get caught up.

The livestream is active right now, but the only issue is it’s difficult to know which episode is currently playing without being a mega fan of the franchise. For those looking to binge the series, it’s simply a matter of waiting until the next episode airs to figure out where the marathon is at. For those looking to jump in from the first episode, however, it might be a bit of a wait until it cycles through again.

Samurai Jack’s first season debuted in 2001 and ran on Cartoon Network until 2004. Despite the cult fandom the show had built up, creator Genndy Tartakovsky never got to finish the series he had set out to make. It wasn’t until Dec. 2015 that Tartakovsky released a teaser with Adult Swim confirming the beloved series would return for a fifth and final season.

Tartakovsky previously confirmed the new season would wrap up Samurai Jack’s storyline once and for all. The show follows Jack, a displaced samurai who spends the majority of his time trying to find a method to travel back in time.

Samurai Jack’s fifth season will debut on Adult Swim on March 11.

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