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The Walking Dead's season finale teaser is preparing us for war

The time has come

With The Walking Dead’s finale a week away, AMC has released a scene from the sixteenth episode teasing what’s to come.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the finale of The Walking Dead.]

The scene takes place between the leader of the Kingdom, King Ezekiel, and Morgan on the eve of war with Negan and the saviors. As the two argue about the fact that Morgan is wearing the late Benjamin’s armor following the character’s death two weeks ago, Ezekiel tries to remind Morgan why they’re fighting in the first place and how important this battle is.

Although the scene ultimately focuses on the two characters, they aren’t the only ones that tell an interesting story. Shiva, Ezekiel’s loyal pet tiger, can be seen in the background along with an armored Carol. It’s adamant that the team is out for blood, specifically Negan’s, after everything the Saviors have put them through this season.

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, has previously said the finale would help fans tie everything together and settle a few questions that have arisen. In an interview with Stuff, Lincoln said this season has seen big changes where the main cast was concerned and that would come to a head in the finale.

“It was like a reshuffling of the pack this season and I think sometimes you have to take risks, particularly when you are seven seasons into a show,” Lincoln said. “That oft-used phrase, 'You change or you die' is true here and you have got to keep adapting. Sometimes that's very strange to experience and uncomfortable and difficult but, ultimately, it's going to be rewarding for the viewers and for us.”

The Walking Dead’s season seven finale will air on Sunday, April 2 at 9 p.m. ET.

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