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Theories over what Legion’s post-credits scene could mean are already flying

Trying to make sense of a scene that simply doesn’t make sense

Chris Large/FX

If you stuck around after the credits rolled on Legion’s finale, you would have been privy to the fantastical post-credits scene.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the finale of Legion.]

Watching David become synthesized and absorbed inside a floating drone-like ball may have left you confused. What just happened? How does this tie into the last few moments of the finale, as Lenny and Oliver drove down an empty road, ready to carry out whatever intentions the Shadow King had.

Legion managed to wrap up almost all of its loose ends in its finale, which is an accomplished feat, but the biggest question fans have now is what that post-credits sequence means? It’s hard to tell, and when showrunnr Noah Hawley spoke to journalists, he didn’t give away any information. That being said, the shape of the ball-drone and the way it floats around David’s head does recall a specific issue of X-Men Legacy.

In the seventh issue of the series, Legion is sitting on a park bench when a floating ball flies up to him and begins speaking. As discovered by Reddit user usagizero, the ball doesn’t kidnap Legion, but it’s about the same size and shape of the drone used in Legion, and the fact that it focuses on Legion instead of another mutant is a good sign for this being an accurate guess. The panel in question when the ball makes an appearance can be seen below.


This isn’t the only theory that has come out of the episode, though. Other people are speculating that it could be a Silver Sphere used by Magneto in X-Men: Evolution to capture the X-Men. The main issue with this theory is that the transporting orbs in question were human sized, and the drone in Legion was certainly not, but there’s no reason Hawley and his team couldn’t have taken some creative liberty with it.

The other issue with this theory is that up until now, Magneto hasn’t had any kind of presence in the show. There have been a number of references to Professor Xavier, David’s father, but no mention of Magneto.

Hawley has spoken about wanting to play around with the possibilities the X-Men franchise. More specifically, being able to reference characters within X-Men. Still, it seems extremely unlikely that this is the case, especially since Hawley hasn’t alluded to that as of yet.

“I want to continue to deliver something unexpected where the possibilities, if not infinite, are playful,” Hawley said.

All will hopefully be answered when Legion returns next year. Hawley confirmed this week that the show would return around the same time, but would run for 10 episodes instead of eight.

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