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Live-action Teen Titans series set for 2018 premiere

A streaming service-exclusive, alongside Young Justice revival

teen titans Warner Bros. Animation/DC Entertainment

Titans, based on the long-running DC Comics superhero team, the Teen Titans, is one of two series headlining Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s forthcoming digital streaming platform, which will go live in 2018.

Co-produced by heavy-hitters like Greg Berlanti (Supergirl, The Flash), Geoff Johns (DC Entertainment’s president and DC Comics’ chief creative officer) and Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Discovery), Titans will be a live-action drama starring some of DC Comics’ most beloved heroes. That includes Starfire, Raven and Dick Grayson (otherwise known as Nightwing) — all of whom are characters that fans of the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans know well.

This is the first time that the Teen Titans franchise will make the jump into live-action. Warner Bros. first produced a pilot for a Titans series back in 2014, which would have aired on TNT. That show never went into further production.

Titans will run exclusively online as part of the new streaming service, which is due sometime next year. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have yet to reveal further details on the platform, although critics expect it to be akin to the recently launched, online-only Boomerang service.

Also part of the exclusive lineup will be Young Justice: Outsiders. It’s the third season of the cult favorite cartoon Young Justice, which aired on Cartoon Network until spring 2013. Warner Bros. Animation announced last November that it was bringing back the critically beloved show, which followed a similar band of younger DC superheroes.