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DC sitcom Powerless pulled with two episodes left

That “Batman” appearance isn’t going to happen

Powerless NBC

NBC and DC’s sitcom about a group of Silicon Valley-type inventors who live in a world infested with super heroes and villains, is effectively cancelled just short of completing its 13-episode order.

It was confirmed this week that NBC had pulled Powerless from its weekly schedule, replacing the shows with reruns of Superstore in the 8 p.m. ET time slot on Thursdays. With no word on whether or not NBC has plans to air the final two episodes, it’s safe to say that Powerless won’t be renewed for a second season.

The show’s executive producer, Patrick Schumacker, made the announcement on Twitter. Asked by a fan if the final two episodes would air or be put online at any point in the future, Schumacker replied it was up in the air.

It’s not too surprising that Powerless is getting pulled early. Last week, the show attracted just 2.1 million viewers, a 30 percent decrease from what the network’s preceding series, Superstore, managed to get each week. With a barely noticeable audience, it makes sense for NBC to air reruns in Powerless’ spot and cut its losses.

That being said, the early cancelation may come as a let down for fans hoping to see Adam West on the series. West, best known as Batman during the original 1960s series, was supposed to play Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries. When West is forced to make some cuts, he decides to visit Charm City and deliver the news in person. West had been involved with the show since the first episode, providing the voice for a Wayne Security commercial in the pilot, but this would have been the first time he appeared on screen.

In our review of Powerless’ pilot, which was much different from the version screened at San Diego Comic-Con by NBC, we called it “nothing more than an amateurish attempt.” The show received mixed reviews from critics and never caught on with a large audience.

Polygon has reached out to NBC for comment and will update when more information becomes available.

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