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House of Cards teases darkest season yet in new trailer

“One nation, Underwood”

House of Cards’ fifth season could not have come at a more relevant time, and if the new trailer is anything to go by, Netflix will be leaning into America’s current state of affairs.

In the new trailer, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) talks at length about the stupidity of voters and how they don’t realize he’s the president they need. The show, which has always been macabre in nature, is approaching a new level of shadiness. There are more backroom deals, more violent interactions and more unrest as the nation becomes more divided with each passing day.

Ahead of the season’s premiere, showrunner Frank Pugliese said they couldn’t have predicted where American politics have headed in the past year, but they began toying with the idea of a darker presidency as early as the third season.

“But even starting Season 3, we were talking a little bit about a notion of some tyrannical force and some populism and what that would mean,” Pugliese told the New York Times. We had this idea of America Works [the major jobs program of President Frank Underwood, the conniving politician played by Kevin Spacey], and it was in the air already. It seemed like an impossible possibility, but it wasn’t like we weren’t flirting with it ourselves.”

The show may be timely, but audiences will have to wait a little longer to see just where the malevolent Frank Underwood takes the country.

House of Cards returns to Netflix on May 30.

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