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Stranger Things’ second season will include parts that will ‘piss off’ some fans, star says

It’s kind of like ice cream


Even though the second season of Stranger Things is still months away, the cast has already teased some of what’s to come, including that it will be scarier and darker than the first.

In a new interview with Deadline, David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper, has added that there will be some parts of the season fans won’t particularly like. Harbour used an ice cream analogy, suggesting that people who prefer vanilla flavored treats might not like the strawberry flavor being served up this time around.

“Some people are going to like strawberry and some people are going to like vanilla better,” Harbour said. “But you can’t try to recreate vanilla. We’re going to take a lot of risks. I think people are going to be pissed off by things. I think they are going to be elated and excited about things. It’s all further in terms of going on this journey.”

Harbour added that because of the incredible and surprising success the first season had, he and the rest of the cast were more terrified going into the second season. Harbour said they wanted to avoid a sophomore slump, a phrase used to refer to the disappointment brought upon by a second season or follow up album, and were trying to ensure that didn’t happen.

“I’m more afraid this season than I was last,” Harbour confessed. “I was very afraid last season, but I’m more afraid this season because we’re very aware we do not want a sophomore slump. Each scene I’m thinking a lot more specifically, and I’m thinking a lot harder. We feel the ownership of this great thing and the camaraderie, and also we feel this pressure.”

Stranger Things’ second season will follow the recently returned Will Byers and the rest of his friends as they contend with the events of the first season — and the connection to the Upside Down that still exists.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on Oct. 31. The first season is available to stream in its entirety right now.

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