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25 years later, Twin Peaks is vindicated by film’s toughest audience

From booed at Cannes to a standing ovation

At the annual Cannes Film Festival, booing is just par for the course. That’s especially true when it comes to showings from already divisive directors. But 25 years after festivalgoers jeered his feature-length adaptation of cult classic TV show Twin Peaks, Lynch has won them over.

Lynch attended this year’s Cannes with his Twin Peaks revival in tow. The highly anticipated series’ Cannes screening came after its stateside TV debut, which received glowing reviews this past Sunday. It appears that the notably tough attendees at film’s best known festival felt similarly, based on a post-show clip from French network Cinema Canal+.

A moved Lynch stood to raucous applause, which reportedly lasted as long as five minutes. This kind of response is surprising, not just considering Cannes’ reputation as a place where viewers respond to films in extreme ways, but because audiences so famously hated Twin Peaks’ last festival appearance.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a theatrical prequel to the original show, screened to a confused and frustrated audience back in 1992. As the story goes, the crowd not only booed at the end, but all the way through the film.

Lynch is no stranger to a poor reception at Cannes. He previously won the festival’s highest honor, the Palme d’Or, with Wild at Heart — but when he received his award, attendees again made their disapproval known.

Such is the culture of Cannes. Yet the festival seems willing to move past that this year: Television isn’t a regular part of the festival’s programming, but the high-profile return of Twin Peaks was an easy exception to make. Its got nostalgic clout behind it after more than two decades away, and the 18-episode Showtime series also marks Lynch’s first cinematic project since 2006.

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