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Rick and Morty’s third season will premiere in one month, have 10 episodes

It’s almost here!

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Rick and Morty will premiere on July 30, co-creator Justin Roiland confirmed tonight during a livestream.

“We did it,” Roiland said to a cheering crowd. “We fucking did it.”

The stream, which began at 9 p.m. ET on Adult Swim’s website, began with jokes about the relationship between Roiland and his co-creator, Dan Harmon. Rumors and speculation about their working relationship have drawn concerns over the future of the series, but both acknowledged tonight how much they love each other.

“When you ask us ‘Where’s season three?’ and I say that they’re drawing it, I literally mean that we took too long writing it and now they’re drawing it,” Harmon said, referring to the storyboard artists.

Roiland called attention to the fact that many people thought that the livestream tonight would provide a new episode for fans to watch, following the surprise premiere of the series on April Fool’s Day earlier this year, but that proved to be false. The writer joked that those things only happen once in a while, calling it a “magical day.”

The third season will have 10 episodes, Harmon said, with the possibility of a fourth underway.

“Not to say that there's a four,” Harmon clarified after accidentally hinting they were working on a fourth season. “There’s a PR person who is freaking out right now. Yeah let's get real honest. We have 10 episodes.”

Rick and Morty will return at 11:30 p.m. ET on July 30.

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