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Sense8 creators reaffirm there’s no way the show is going to return to Netflix

Sorry, fans

Jane Ackroyd/Netflix

When Netflix announced it was canceling Sense8 last week, fans rallied behind the series and its creators, starting petitions for the network to bring it back.

It took a couple of days for Sense8’s team to respond, but in a Tumblr post published late last night, they confirmed there was no way the series was going to return to Netflix — at least not in the near future. The post explained that when Netflix first brought the idea of ending the series to the team, they looked at every conceivable angle to save it, but nothing ended up working.

Holly Winebarger started the petition on last week, calling for Netflix to look into ways to produce the show for a much smaller budget. Winebarger wrote that just because it was expensive didn’t mean it had to be canceled when there were more cost effective measures that could be taken by the network.

“Cut the budget if needed, but not the show,” Winebarger wrote. “It is needed now more than ever in the harsh and judgmental climate we find ourselves in.

“Renew Sense8. Now.”

In the past 12 hours, the petition has gained more than 5,000 signatures, but it won’t change the cancellation.

Netflix didn't give a reason for canceling Sense8, but it was reportedly one of the more expensive shows that the network was producing. Although the show was acclaimed by critics and beloved by fans, the only logical explanation is there weren’t enough people watching it to offset the costs. Netflix doesn’t release official numbers for its series, so it’s impossible to tell.

The first two seasons of Sense8 will remain available to stream on Netflix.

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