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Family Guy pays tribute to Adam West with 9-minute montage

‘Quahog couldn’t have had a better mayor’

Adam West may have been best known for his portrayal of Batman in the original Batman series from the 1960s, but his tenure on Family Guy is what introduced him to an entirely new generation of viewers.

Following West’s death last month at the age of 88, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane paid tribute to the actor on Twitter, posting a lengthy note about West being the “nicest guy you always wanted to be around,” talking about the privilege he had to work with West. MacFarlane and the team at Family Guy recently paid another tribute to their favorite Mayor of Quahog with a nine-minute montage of the actor’s best scenes.

The video ends with a message for West, which simply reads, “We’ll miss you dearly. Quahog couldn’t have had a better mayor. We couldn’t have had a better friend.” To the left of the message, Family Guy’s Griffin family can be seen standing in front of a Mayor Adam West statue, their arms wrapped around each other.

Family Guy was renewed for its 16th season back in May. It will premiere later this year.

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