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New trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans finally brings Medusa’s hair to life

This answers one of our questions

Marvel has released a new trailer for its upcoming ABC series, Marvel’s Inhumans, and it seems to answer one of the questions fans had following the first.

Medusa, one of the most important figures in the Inhumans comic series, uses her hair as a weapon. It comes to life and can entangle or attack those in her way. In the first trailer, Medusa’s hair lay still, barely moving. In the new trailer, however, Medusa’s hair finally comes to life.

Well, kind of.

Although we get a brief glimpse of Medusa’s hair in action, the rest of the shots still show it laying flat and lifeless. It may seem like a strange request to have her hair do more than the function it’s supposed to, but in the comics, even when Medusa wasn’t using her hair it was still a sight to behold. Still, it does answer the question we had over whether it would move at all. Now we want to know how it will look when it plays on the small screen — or even in theaters.

Another aspect of the series the trailer chooses to focus on is the IMAX experience ABC and Marvel are offering. Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere its first two episodes in IMAX on Sept. 1. Following the IMAX debut, the series will then be carried over to a more traditional television format on Sept. 29.

Neither Marvel nor ABC — both of which are owned by Disney — are trying to make the IMAX experience subtle. That hasn’t managed to assuage people’s fears about the show’s aesthetic and visuals, but the “it looks better bigger” motto seems to hint that the studios are more than aware about the reception the first trailer received.

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