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Netflix’s Iron Fist gets a new showrunner for second season

Sleepy Hollow executive producer to take over

Raven Metzner, Iron Fist’s new showrunner
Raven Metzner, Iron Fist’s new showrunner
Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images

Scott Buck has stepped down as the showrunner for Netflix’s Iron Fist. Marvel Television announced that Raven Metzner, an executive producer on Sleepy Hollow, will take his place in the show’s second season.

Buck was highly criticized for the approach he took on Iron Fist, a relative rarity for Marvel’s Netflix programming line. In our review of the first six episodes, we lamented its clumsily delivered exposition, character inconsistencies and subpar portrayal of Asian cultures.

Buck is also the showrunner for the upcoming ABC series Marvel’s Inhumans, a show that has also been panned for its trailer. The hair of superhero Medusa drew particular ire among fans. Although unconfirmed, Buck’s departure from Iron Fist may be due to the heavy criticism Buck has received since the show’s debut and association with other questionable projects.

The last time Metzner, Buck’s replacement, worked on a Marvel property, he was a co-writer on the 2005 film Elektra. That was not exactly a critical darling either. The next time we’ll be seeing Iron Fist on screen will be when crossover series The Defenders debuts on Aug. 18.

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