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Star Trek: Discovery’s new trailer teases a Klingon war

Harry Mudd also revealed

In a panel at San Diego Comic Con, CBS revealed a new trailer for the upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery.

The trailer begins with first officer Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, discussing the threat of the Klingon Empire with Sarek, her mentor and Spock’s father. As Sarek insists that the Klingons have been “in disarray for generations,” we get our first look at the new design of the Klingon cruisers. It looks like open war with the Klingons is in store for the Star Trek prequel series.

The trailer also reveals more footage of Gabriel Lorca, captain of the USS Discovery, portrayed by Jason Isaacs of the Harry Potter franchise. Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou, captain of the USS Shenzhou, is also featured prominently. You can also catch a small glimpse of Harry Mudd, a smarmy con-man originated in the Star Trek: The Original Series, who will be played by The Office’s Rainn Wilson.

After being plagued with the loss of Brian Fuller as showrunner and multiple delays, Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS All Access on Sept. 24.

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