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Rick and Morty goes behind the scenes of its upcoming Mad Max episode

Shoot the mohawk guy!

Rick and Morty's third season finally burst on the scene three weeks ago with an omnibus trailer dotted with references to other movies and genres. One of those references was to Mad Max: Fury Road, whose inspiration is expounded upon in this latest video for the show.

The episode in question is "Wasteland," and it's the second show of the next season. Here, the creators, animators and designers go behind the scenes, DVD extras/director-commentary style, to explain what it took to deliver another characteristically immature offering of Rick and Morty.

Pay attention to the crowds, because the character designers did their level best to differentiate every one of them, and give them some ridiculous BDSM prop or outfit to boot.

Rick and Morty, after some delay, will get going again on Cartoon Network on July 30. It'll be the first new episode for the series in about 18 months, since the finale of the second season.

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