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First look at Regular Show creator’s new show is definitely not for kids

Close Enough is more Adult Swim than Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network’s Regular Show always stayed just on the right side of kid-appropriate, but its creator’s next project, Close Enough on TBS, completely steps over that line — then takes it, pokes a hole in it and shotguns it as quick as possible.

TBS dropped a sneak peak teaser at the upcoming animated sitcom this week, revealing a cartoon that is a hard left turn from Regular Show’s more family-friendly themes of friendship and growing up. Close Enough, by comparison, celebrates all the debauchery that your twenties have to offer, from all-night boozy ragers to having someone walk in on you getting it on the backseat. (Admittedly, that sounds way more like a teenage thing to me, but to each their own.)

The series will follow a group of friends as they move into their thirties, according to TBS, so Regular Show fans who stuck with the cartoon from its start in 2010 to its conclusion earlier this year may now be at the age where they can relate. Still, it’s kind of jarring to see characters in creator J.G. Quintel’s familiar art style go from drinking soda for a good time to smoking joints. (The animator did get his start with a short film all about getting high, though, so this is actually a return to form.)

There’s no airdate set for Close Enough yet, but it should roll out as part of a new adult-oriented animation block on TBS over the course of the next year.

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