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Netflix may have confirmed Punisher details in series of encoded tweets

We still don’t have a premiere date

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in Marvel’s The Punisher (2017), Netflix. Netflix

Netflix and Marvel’s next installment in its superhero universe, The Punisher, will debut this fall, but there’s still much we don’t know.

After sprinkling a couple of trailers and teasers online, some of the most important questions surrounding the show haven’t been answered. When will it be released? How many episodes will the season contain? Will there be cameos from the other Defenders and their allies?

Netflix is now beginning to tease a few of those details. On The Punisher’s Twitter account today, Netflix tweeted 13 consecutive tweets in Morse code without any context. When decoded, the tweets didn’t hold any singular meaning. They didn’t spell out when the season would premiere or when the next trailer would drop.

When looked at as a set, however, the tweets did seem to hint at possible episode titles for the show’s 13 episodes. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all received 13 episodes for their respective seasons. The Defenders, Marvel and Netflix’s newest show that saw the four superheroes come together for the first time, had eight.

If this is what Netflix was alluding to with its tweet, the episode titles in question are:

3 AM

Two Dead Men




The Judas Goat


Cold Steel

Front Toward Enemy

Virtue of the Vicious

Danger Close


Memento Mori

We know from Daredevil’s second season that Frank Castle, otherwise known as the Punisher, served in Kandahar. Castle’s commanding officer, Ray Schoonover, tells the story of Castle saving his entire unit while trapped in enemy territory. We later learn that Schoonover was the drug dealer known as Blacksmith — and the man responsible for the death of Castle’s family.

In the trailer shown to an audience gathered in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, it became clear that much of The Punisher’s storyline this season would be focused on seeking revenge against those who contributed to his family’s demise. An episode about Castle’s time in Kandahar, his commanding officer and the people he met there makes sense.

Memento Mori, the last episode name listed, was also a series within the Punisher comics that brought Castle out west to Los Angeles to chase a lead on a case he was investigating. If the episode follows the comic it’s based on, this could bring Castle away from the main Defenders, giving him a new arc in Los Angeles.

Today’s series of tweets ended with a new teaser for the show. It can be seen below. The teaser ends with a jumbled, unreadable premiere date, which leads us to believe it will be announced in the coming weeks if not days.

It’s been rumored that The Punisher would debut in November, which was the same month Jessica Jones debuted in 2015. With Stranger Things, Netflix’s other big series, set to return in October and September already upon us, it makes sense that Netflix would want to wait until November to release The Punisher.