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HBO’s rumored Watchmen series gets Instagram tease (update)

Producer Damon Lindelof is posting from the first day on the job

Before Watchmen DC Comics

Remember that rumored Watchmen series at HBO that The Leftovers and Lost producer Damon Lindelof was going to produce? Turns out that’s actually happening.

Lindelof uploaded a new photo to Instagram yesterday hinting that he was beginning to work on a Watchmen series. In the photo, seen below, the bottom of a statue can be seen with the words “In Gratitude” inscribed onto a plaque. Those who have read Alan Moore’s Watchmen comic will remember this as the same statue given to Hollis “Nite Owl” Mason when he retired from being a vigilante hero in May 1962.

Day One.

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Lindelof hasn’t said anything else about the project, but the photo looks like it was taken from the writer’s room. The Hollywood Reporter first announced that HBO was working with Lindelof on the project, following the end of The Leftovers, but the network didn’t confirm the series at the time. HBO still hasn’t confirmed that Watchmen is a project on its slate that is in development.

It seems likely that HBO will issue a statement confirming that Watchmen is in development, but for now, all we have is Lindelof’s cryptic, not-so-subtle Instagram photo.

Watchmen, which was written by Moore and published by DC Comics between 1986 and 1987, is set in an alternate world where costumed heroes, or vigilantes, have been active in America for decades. Superheroes become government weapons and agents, but eventually become loathed by both the public and the police, which leads to a legislative act in 1977 that outlaws their existence. The story of Watchmen kicks off with the murder of the Comedian, an aging soldier and vigilante.

This isn’t the first time that Watchmen has been adapted. Zack Snyder, of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fame, gave Moore’s comic its most famous adaptation in 2009.

Polygon has reached out to HBO for more information on the Watchmen series.

Update: HBO has ordered a pilot for Lindelof’s Watchmen, the network has confirmed to Polygon. The story was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The report notes that additional scripts have also been ordered.

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