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Star Trek: Discovery opens with a wonderful title sequence

Boldly going, 50 years later

The iconography of Star Trek is the basis of the main title of Star Trek: Discovery, premiering this evening on CBS.

The phaser. The communicator. The Vulcan salute. And then that theme, which would snap to attention three generations of science fiction lovers.

Star Trek: Discovery is a prequel series, hence the evolutionary nature of the opening animation. In the Star Trek timeline it is set 10 years before the events of the original 1966 series. It will follow themes familiar to the Star Trek canon as it attempts to break new ground for a broadcast TV science fiction show.

The first two episodes of the show will go live on the CBS All Access over-the-top service tonight. That subscription is offered in a $59.99 (limited commercial interruptions) or $99.99 (none) tiers. The first eight episodes of the series will be available by November, and the final seven will be done in January.

Much more on Star Trek: Discovery, its origin and its story can be found in this explainer.

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