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Peter Dinklage recounts his last days as Tyrion on the Game of Thrones set

The actor opened up about the bittersweet emotions from his last day on set

Game of Thrones 402 - Tyrion with a staircase and soldiers behind him
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in the fourth season of Game of Thrones.
Macall B. Polay/HBO

In a recent interview with Vulture, Peter Dinklage opened up about the final days of shooting Game of Thrones. Dinklage has moved onto new projects — the most recent being television drama film My Dinner with Hervé, an HBO-produced biopic about the last days of French actor Hervé Villechaize — but saying goodbye to the character he played for nearly a decade was a bittersweet experience, if a bit contrary to what you’d expect.

“It’s always anticlimactic for the character’s last day. Nothing is shot chronologically, so you don’t get some big mountaintop scene or anything. It’s just, ‘That’s a wrap on Peter Dinklage,’” the actor told Vulture. “But as anticlimactic as it was, my last day was also beautifully bittersweet. A lot of people whom I love were on set that day. Even if they weren’t working, they came to set, which was beautiful.”

Dinklage noted that he would try to do the same for the other actors on the show — and that the process became particularly emotional when it was one of the younger actor’s last day on set.

“I won’t say their name or their character’s name, but one of the young people on the show wrapped this past season and everybody was a wreck,” he said. “This person had grown up on the show, you know? They were a child and now they were an adult. And then they’re done. It’s like we were witnessing this person saying good-bye to their childhood.”

Over the course of the show, Tyrion Lannister has grown from a reckless drunkard to a responsible figure, joining Daenerys as her Hand of the Queen. But what’s next for Tyrion? How will his story wrap up?

Though he was tight-lipped about the details, Dinklage says he is satisfied with Tyrion’s end.

“I feel very, very — I’m trying to find the right word. I think he was given a very good conclusion.” He added, “No matter what that is — death can be a great way out.”

The final season of Game of Thrones will air in 2019.

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