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Jason Momoa returns as Khal Drogo for SNL, shoulda done Aquaman instead

Sorry, this is all the Game of Thrones you’re getting until April

Jason Momoa hosted Saturday Night Live but didn’t didn’t do an Aquaman sketch, as some might have expected. But he did launch right back into character as the brooding, guttural, Dothraki-spewing and still deceased Khal Drogo in a skit exploring that bottomless gold mine of Game of Thrones humor, the fact everyone gets killed.

Look, we’re serving it up here because it’s the only goddamn Game of Thrones thing on TV in about a year, not because it’s really that funny. Pete Davidson almost gets there with the High Sparrow realizing the pointlessness of his celibacy, then he gets Viserys’d. In fact, there’s no way to do this bit without spoilers, so they all have to stick to details five years old just to be safe.

There’s a semi-timely joke about the Oscars hosting gig being Twitter’s annual kiss of death, but it’s as ham-handed as every other callback. Even killing the aftershow (literally) is a concept more necessary than it is funny.

Anyhow, the eighth and last season of Game of Thrones — other than all the spinoffs comingpremieres in April 2019, so this is all we have to tide us over the long winter.

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