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Donald Glover’s ‘scrapped’ Deadpool script is amazing

FX and Glover may have parted ways, but at least we have these very good tweets

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Donald Glover and the FXX network are no longer collaborating on their planned Deadpool cartoon, the network announced this week. That’s a bummer, especially considering the how good the full-length episode script that Glover shared on Twitter is, which he posted this morning in light of rumors that he was “too busy” to commit to the cartoon.

Let’s rewind real quick to preface that this “script” is obviously a joke. But since we know almost nothing about what the animated Deadpool series would have been, who’s to say that the finale wouldn’t have involved the superhero hanging out with an endangered rhino named Sudan?

Yeah, of course this isn’t real. The script is a self-referential goof about the series’ seeming cancellation. But it’s also a reminder that Glover remains one of the funniest comedy writers in the biz; watch any episode of Atlanta for confirmation of that.

We’ll hold out hope that his vision of Deadpool will end up somewhere else instead of back in the drawer, even if it’s nowhere near as absurd as the story of Deadpool and his beloved friend Sudan — with some guest appearances from actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Sanaa Lathan, some good digs at Bitcoin and Facebook, and even a reference to Fortnite, because literally nothing is safe from Fortnite anymore.

Check out the full episode’s script below.

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