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Westworld hid a terrifying commercial in its new trailer

Warning: There are some disturbing scenes

Westworld HBO

HBO teased Westworld’s upcoming second season today with a brand-new trailer, but the more exciting and disturbing element was the commercial hidden within it.

Most Westworld fans understand that nothing is ever as it seems with the series; that’s why Reddit theorists and sleuths have become instrumental in understanding everything the show has to offer beneath the glossy surface. Some of Reddit’s best detectives quickly discovered binary code in the footage and, after running it through a binary calculator, learned that it translated to a website URL.

Like previous ARG Easter eggs used for Westworld, the website belongs to Delos, the company behind the juggernaut theme park. The site is blank except for a video in the middle of the page. What starts out as a Delos commercial for Westworld quickly dissolves into a series of frustrating glitches (also a staple of Westworld marketing) and disturbing, graphic scenes. The commercial can be seen on Delos’ website — be sure to note the name of the particular page: Westworld’s most ambitious hosts are looking to secure their freedom once and for all.

One particular scene shows James Delos, the company’s founder, cutting his face up while wearing an impish, creepy grin. Another scene seems to show a Westworld guest being hanged, while another scene alludes to Dolores, one of the show’s most popular and rebellious hosts, leading the charge in his murder. As Dolores said in the new trailer, the hosts’ reckoning has arrived. There are a number of little clues hidden in both the trailer and the commercial for Westworld fans to obsess over until the series returns later this month.

Westworld’s second season will premiere on April 22 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.