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FXX’s scrapped Deadpool show could have looked like this

Animation test shows off Wade Wilson’s style

FXX’s Donald Glover-led Deadpool animated series is no more. But you can get a look at what it might have looked like in the video above, created by Titmouse. The American animation studio posted the footage on its YouTube channel yesterday.

If the dialogue seems familiar, that’s because it’s from 2016’s Deadpool feature film, starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. The animated series, which was set to debut this year on the FX Networks sister channel FXX, would have come from the mind of Donald Glover. After the success of Atlanta — on which Glover is creator, star, writer, producer and occasional director — FX signed an exclusive deal with Glover to produce more shows for the network, of which Deadpool was to be the first.

But FX announced last weekend that it had canceled the show, citing “creative differences.” The news prompted speculation that Glover was too busy to work on it in addition to Atlanta and his other projects. In response, Glover tweeted a long thread containing a parody script for the show, satirically commenting on some of the differences that he, FX and Marvel Television may have had.

Ironically, the Deadpool movie itself was re-greenlit after its cancellation largely because of a swell of online attention surrounding a leaked proof-of-concept video. It remains to be seen, however, if that’ll happen for this animated series.

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