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Legion’s season 2 trailer promises more weirdness and creepier characters

What do you remember?

The key to making the newest season of a show better than the last one is incorporating a wicked dance routine.

The small glimpse of a choreographed routine seen in the trailer for Legion’s second season just proves that philosophy. It’s an interesting trailer; one that requires quite a bit of remembering what happened in the show’s first season. David Heller, still wrestling with his newfound mutant abilities, is set on another strange course with very little memory of what happened before. The first part of the trailer plays heavily on Heller needing to recall what happened to him before he was kidnapped by a floating ball-like drone in last season’s finale.

It’s also made clear, however, that Heller regains his memories as he teams up with his friends to take on the Shadow King. The Shadow King was the big bad the mutant group faced in the first season. He’s still infecting people and taking over their minds, making his victims do whatever he wants while they’re under his control.

The second season looks just as stylistically impressive as the first did. Noah Hawley is back as showrunner and executive producer, so prepare for another psychedelic hour of sci-fi entertainment on your television for a couple of weeks.

Legion returns to FX on April 3.

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