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Syfy hosting ‘Hypnotoad’ Futurama marathon to celebrate 4/20


Futurama Hypnotoad 20th Century Fox

Syfy is gearing up for a special Futurama marathon that will feature some of the animated series’ most hypnotic, psychedelic episodes — all in the name of 4/20.

The network is referring to the marathon as a collection of “Futurama episodes selected for maximum trip-enhancing effect and Hypnotoad-centricity.” The Hypnotoad is one of Futurama’s most recognizable symbols of psychedelia, making its first appearance in the show’s third season in an episode called “The Day the Earth Stood Stupid.”

Although the Hypnotoad appeared in the show as an alien creature who has the ability to hypnotize people at will, contorting them to do whatever he wishes, he’s grown even more popular outside of Futurama. The Hypnotoad was an extremely popular meme in the mid-aughts. People would invoke the saying “ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD” in the middle of a sentence as a way to show they’ve fallen to its hypnotizing gaze.

Even though Hypnotoad’s first appearance was in 2001, the toad’s image has transcended the show’s own fandom to become synonymous with a greater, ever-growing internet culture.

That’s why Syfy wants to pay tribute to the toad — well, that and the fact that it’s largely associated with hallucinogens and the comedy of drug culture. The marathon starts at 8 p.m. ET on April 20 and runs until 2 a.m. ET. Bender’s Big Score, which was originally released as a direct-to-TV movie, will also air in full as three separate episodes.

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