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First Venture Bros. season 7 trailer promises demon-summoning mayhem

The Adult Swim series will return Aug. 5

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

After a nearly two-year hiatus, Adult Swim has released a teaser trailer for the seventh season of the action-adventure comedy The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros., Adult Swim’s longest-running series, follows the bizarre adventures of the Venture family, originally inspired as as playful spoofs of the 1964 animated adventure series Johnny Quest and the Hardy Boys. The previous season ended back in March 2016. Creator Jackson Publick hinted at a season seven premiere earlier this year. Now it’s upon us.

The trailer shows Rusty and Dean Venture, Sergeant Hatred, and the Order of the Triad gathered around an ominous summoning circle in order to reveal a demon so that they can expel it. The only problem? They have to clear their minds to defeat it, since the demon can use their thoughts and desires against them.

“Stop thinking about that robot!” says Dr. Orpheus to the Alchemist, who eyes a “nutsy” robot in the corner. Jefferson Twilight, meanwhile, starts shouting about a mysterious incident involving his mother.

Missing from the scene is Hank Venture, but before we find out where he is or what exactly is going on, the room begins to rumble and glow as the demon awakens.

The new season is set to premiere on Aug. 5 at midnight ET on Adult Swim.