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Megan Amram just got an Emmy nomination for a joke about getting an Emmy nomination

The hero we deserve

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An Emmy for Megan - Megan Amram sitting on a couch Megan Amram/Vimeo

There are actors who wish they’ll hear their names read during Emmy nomination livecasts, and then there are comedians like Megan Amram, who go out of their way to secure a nomination.

Amram has written for multiple TV series, like The Simpsons and The Good Place, and rose to fame as an early Twitter icon through scathing one-liners. She’s made a name for herself as both a writer and Generally Funny Online Person, but it was An Emmy for Megan that caught the television academy’s attention. Amram’s first foray into acting, it is a quality gag: a six-part web series that’s meticulously designed to earn Amram an Emmy.

Today, it did just that. Amram received a nomination herself for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, and An Emmy for Megan received a nomination for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

Amram crafted her web series specifically to try to get an Emmy nomination: Every episode is scripted and under 15 minutes in length, every episode is about her attempts to get an Emmy nomination and every episode was uploaded on April 27 — the deadline for submitting a series for consideration.

Amram isn’t new to the television circuit, though. She knows that submitting a piece of art, like An Emmy for Megan, isn’t good enough. That’s why Amram took out an entire billboard in Los Angeles in June to ensure that Emmy voters were aware of her series.

This takes shitposting to a whole new level. “Admirable” doesn’t even begin to describe how incredible Amram’s dedication to the joke is; maybe “heroic” does a better job. The cherry on top of this delicious shitposting sundae, however, is that Amram’s ruse actually worked. Whether it was the billboard or word of mouth, Amram’s campaign was a success.

An Emmy for Megan can be watched in full on Vimeo.