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Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew emphasizes the importance of bisexual representation at Comic-Con

Rosa Diaz’s bisexual story will continue at NBC

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Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fox

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s San Diego Comic-Con panel was one of pure fan delight as the first major event for the cast following the show’s cancellation and renewal at the hands of Fox and NBC, respectively. At the panel, multiple fans expressed their thanks for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s bisexual representation, sparking a discussion about detective Rosa Diaz’s (Stephanie Beatriz) coming out and the future of her love life in the sixth season of the show that will air in 2019.

Rosa Diaz came out to her friends and family in the series’ fifth season, and as a bisexual individual herself, actress Stephanie Beatriz was consulted and had a major say in her character’s development.

“Dan [Goor] is not only a brilliant writer, but a person who believes in equality and inclusivity, and that shows in his writers’ room,” Beatriz explained, according to a report from the panel by Indiewire. “He was interested in the idea that Rosa might be queer, [...] he wanted a bisexual voice in the writers’ room, it just so happens the person they wanted to play bi was also bi.”

Beatriz said she was thankful to have had a voice in this development, adding, “I was really glad to have a voice in this and, at least for me, it really reflected what’s happening in my own life.”

Rosa’s bisexual storyline was not only moving for fans but groundbreaking in terms of representation. Executive producer and co-creator Dan Goor said that Rosa declaring, “I’m bi” was the first time the phrase had been used on network TV. While that’s not entirely true — other bisexual characters such as Grey’s Anatomys Callie Torres and Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s Darryl have also used the phrase — it’s testament to the rarity of bisexual stories on broadcast networks and the impact of authentic bisexual representation.

In terms of Rosa’s future love life, things still aren’t clear. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season 5 finale guest-starred Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) as Alicia, an Uber driver that Rosa meets while retrieving Amy’s veil for the upcoming wedding. As of now, it’s unclear whether Rodriguez will return in season 6. The actress took time from her vacation to appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine in season 5, and with the final season of Jane the Virgin airing midseason in 2019 everything will come down to scheduling. However, Goor insisted that both sides desire her return, stating, “We’re trying to do that, she’s trying to do that, and we’re hopeful.” In any case, Beatriz teased, “Maybe there’s some hot babes in Diaz’s future.”

Cast members expressed last night that leaving Fox was the right move for the progressive comedy, and they already seem more than comfortable at NBC. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s progressive message has found a new home, and with it so has Rosa’s still-developing bisexual storyline.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return on NBC in 2019, and all five seasons are currently available for streaming on Hulu.

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