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Finally, I will be able to watch the SpongeBob musical ten thousand more times

The show (with most of the original Broadway cast) is coming to TV

The cast of the SpongeBob musical jump with joy.
It’s the Best Day Ever!
Joan Marcus

In 2018, a robbery occurred. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical, which had been nominated for 12 Tony Awards, walked out of the 72nd Tony Awards with just one (well-deserved) trophy. But what of the other 11?

If you, like me, want to be fueled by a righteous flame at all times — or if you’re just sad to have missed the musical during its Broadway run — there’s good news. Nickelodeon has announced plans to record the show to broadcast on TV in December. Much of the original cast (Ethan Slater as SpongeBob, Gavin Lee as Squidward, Danny Skinner as Patrick, Brian Ray Norris as Mr. Krabs, and Wesley Taylor as Plankton, and Jai’len Josey as Pearl) will be reprising their roles.

The musical, directed by Tina Landau and featuring songs from Sara Bareilles, Jonathan Coulton, Lady Antebellum, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Panic! At the Disco, and They Might Be Giants, pits SpongeBob against an impending apocalypse. It’s also one of the most delightful productions to hit the stage in the last few years, making it particularly happy news that the show will be preserved for audiences to come.