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All the little things in the Steven Universe Future opening sequence you might have missed

Hmm ... some of those enemies look ... familiar ...

Steven driving a car. Amethyst and Pearl sit inside with him, Bismuth hangs out the window, Garnet meditates peacefully atop the car Cartoon Network
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Steven Universe fans craving more? Never fear. Series creator Rebecca Sugar revealed at New York Comic Con that an epilogue-style limited series, entitled Steven Universe Future, is on its way. Taking place after the events of the movie, which itself takes place two years after the events of the main series, Steven Universe Future also gets a brand new opening sequence.

The sheer excitement of having more Steven Universe to look forward to might mean you glossed over some of the nitty gritty, or even bitty, details of the new opening sequence. But the 23-second opening is full of little hints of what might come, and what the world of Steven Universe has been up to. Let’s investigate.

a collection of gems, the diamonds in the back, steven and the crystal gems in the center, other friends all around
Here we are in the future!
Cartoon Network

The Crystal Gems have grown in number

The beginning of the new title sequence starts off the same as previous iterations, focusing on Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. But, very quickly, they’re joined by Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth, before the camera pans and reveals a whole eclectic cast of gems.

Not only do we have the Off-Colors who Steven bonded with while in space (right side), but also a host of formerly corrupted gems (left side), the Nephrites, all the Diamonds, and Spinel, the antagonist of Steven Universe: The Movie. Connie and Lars also join this big group picture. Look how happy everyone is!

Also, Steven wears a new shirt, similar to the one Greg wore in his younger days.

garnet, amethyst, pearl, and steven run along, little homeworld is seen in the distance Cartoon Network

Little Homeworld is complete

Steven Universe: The Movie revealed that a bunch of gems on Earth were building a “Little Homeworld” near the old barn. A brief shot in the opening sequence reveals that Little Homeworld is now complete! Hurrah!

enemy gems, including a corrupted-looking diamond, Jasper, a cactus Steven creature Cartoon Network

The enemies include some familiar faces

You can’t have an epilogue show about tying up loose ends without ... well, some loose ends to tie up. Taking a brief gander at the shot of the villains, we see some new creatures (Steven cactus or watermelon monster?), but also some familiar faces.

For starters, Jasper, one of the first true antagonists of the series Last time we saw Jasper was at the end of the season five finale, “Change Your Mind,” where she was apparently healed from her corruption. So what happened in the past two years to spark this turn? Is this even the same Jasper?

Above Jasper we see a tiny gem vaguely resembling Aquamarine, who we last saw off in space. But she’s a little different, her blue tinged with some red. Could it be a fusion of Aquamarine? Let’s say, with a Ruby possibly? With a Ruby who we also saw drifting off in space? Cough, cough Eyeball.

There is also a large snake-like creature looming over all of them (Sneeple, anyone?) and the weird Steven Cactus monster. On the far left, we see what looks like White Diamond, but with hints of Pink Diamond’s design.

Could it be a totally new character or does something happen with White? Above that gem two Lapis Lazuli float.

Steven can DRIVE

Steven driving a car. Amethyst and Pearl sit inside with him, Bismuth hangs out the window, Garnet meditates peacefully atop the car Cartoon Network

Okay, this isn’t a huge thing, but our baby boy is grown up! He’s 16!

The human residents of Beach City adapt to life with gems

beach city, full of gems and humans alike, Cartoon Network

A quick shot of Beach City shows off the humans chillin’ with the gems. Mayor Dewey is no longer Mayor Dewey and now works at the Big Donut, where Mr. Smiley and a gem wave. Sadie and a new character chill outside with Onion and a gem.

Across the street, we can see Lars bonding with his parents, along with Sour Cream and Buck Dewey hanging out with a gem. Behind Greg, Mayor Nanefua Pizza stands with a squad of four Rubies in suits guarding her. Vidalia and Yellowtail sit on the beach, with the Fryman brothers nearby and the Pizza family in the distance.

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