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Cobra Kai’s season two trailer strikes first, strikes hard, no mercy sir

Uber-bad guy Kreese looms like Palpatine over his old dojo

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Cobra Kai’s second season is nigh upon us, and I’m telling you, this + Days Gone = Spring of Owen.

Season 2 kicks off April 24 with the intensified rivalry between Cobra Kai and the reconstituted Miyagi-Do, with impeccably coiffed heel Kreese (Martin Kove) back to sneer everyone into doing 10 pushups on their face. Kreese popped out of his efreeti bottle at the end of season 1 in a fuck-yeah cliffhanger that guaranteed riots if YouTube Premium did not re-up this for another year.

This time, it’s Miyagi-do serving as the house of and for misfit fighters; Cobra Kai began that way, but lost that sympathy in Miguel’s merciless ass-beating of Robbie at the All-Valley championships closing out last year. We find that Miguel has finished his turn to the dark side, Johnny is still conflicted, and Kreese’s presence leads me to believe some Sith shit will go down here shortly.

At Miyagi-do, Daniel’s car salesman wealth lets him bankroll classes for everyone. Robbie (Johnny’s son) and Samantha are his lieutenants, and there will likely be conflicts with Cobra Kai soldiers Hawk and Aisha (Sam’s ex-bff).

Finally, there’s that menacing cover of Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer,” the original scoring Daniel’s first day of school in The Karate Kid. Excellent choice. I’m officially hyped. We have a recap of all the best shit in season one to get you hyped, too. Season 2 premieres April 24 on YouTube Premium.