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Game of Thrones and Westworld meet Sesame Street in these official mashups

Mark my words, Elmo will end up on the Iron Throne

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if Elmo or Cookie Monster crossed over into Westeros or Westworld, wonder no longer. In what may just be the ultimate act of corporate synergy (and a reminder that they own Sesame Street now), HBO has mashed up all three, sending Elmo to work his magic on Cersei and Tyrion, and Cookie Monster to mediate between Bernard and Dolores.

These mashups also aren’t just subtly edited clips — they’re full-on productions, with the actual actors interacting with the Muppets in sets that look like they’ve been ripped directly from their respective shows. Nobody breaks character, either, which adds to the surreal quality of the clips. Maybe Cersei is a little more charitable towards Elmo than she would be to any other stranger who’d suggest making peace with her brother, but that’s neither here nor there.

Though it’s sometimes easy to forget, the lessons the Muppets are teaching — the importance of respect and of listening — are universal. And that includes fictional universes like Westeros and Westworld.

Take a look at the Westworld crossover below:

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