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HBO’s best new show, Succession, unveils its first teaser for season two

Yes, best, I said what I said

If you’ve been watching Game of Thrones, then you’ve seen the pre-show ads that serve as sizzle reels for HBO’s upcoming programming. Every single show — Watchmen, Euphoria, Big Little Lies — looks nothing if not impressive, but we all know what the network’s crown jewel is.

Yes, that’s right, Succession.

The show centers on a Murdoch-like media family and its interfamilial struggle for power, and returns for a second season in August. It came as a shock when it debuted last year, not just for how good it is (it’s the best show HBO currently has airing, though I’ll give Watchmen and The Righteous Gemstones a shot at unseating it later this year), but for the degree to which it leans into its gothic, tragic trappings.

This teaser highlights the fallout of the first season — and if you didn’t watch it, either because you didn’t have the time or you didn’t think the ads were all that interesting, turn back now and fix your grave mistake. If you did watch the first season, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is fully feeling the effects of what transpired, as is Logan (Brian Cox), who has complete control over his family once again.

We also get glimpses of Danny Huston as a new addition to the cast (and for the eagle-eyed, a recent tweet from J. Smith-Cameron, who plays Gerri, suggests there may be more new heavy-hitters in store).

And shout-out to Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun), who still seems to be suffering at the hands of Tom Wamgsans (Matthew Macfadyen) as he moves up the Roy family ladder.

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