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Netflix teases premise for Jessica Jones’ final season, arriving in June

The final installment of Marvel Entertainment’s Netflix deal bows next month

The last of Marvel’s Netflix series will take its bow this spring, and now we know when: Jessica Jones season 3 will hit the streaming service in mid-June.

When last we left our hard drinking, super-powered private investigator in season 2, she was very much on the outs with her best friend, Trish — an unstable child-star-turned-local-news-celebrity — who embarked on a dangerous quest to get her own superpowers. And, to be fair, how Trish totally killed Jessica’s mom. But, according to Netflix’s press release, Jess and Trish will have to settle their differences one way or another.

“When Jessica (Krysten Ritter) crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath,” the release reads, “she and Trish (Rachael Taylor) must repair their fractured relationship and team up to take him down. But a devastating loss reveals their conflicting ideas of heroism and sets them on a collision course that will forever change them both.”

Who could this mysterious villain be? There are a lot of highly intelligent psychopaths in the Marvel universe, frankly, and Jessica Jones is no stranger to obscure pulls from the back catalog. Season 2 featured a cameo for the Whizzer, of all people. We’ll find out when the entire 13-episode season drops on Friday, June 14.

Ritter and Taylor join returning cast members Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) as Jeri Hogarth, Eka Darvill (Empire) as Malcolm Ducasse, and Rebecca DeMornay (The Hand that Rocks the Cradle) as Dorothy Walker, Trish’s mom. The season will also feature the acting talents of Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Jeremy Bobb (Russian Doll), Sarita Choudhury (Homeland), Tiffany Mack (Hap and Leonard), Jessica Frances Dukes (The Good Wife), and Aneesh Sheth (New Amsterdam) in unknown roles.

With Disney ramping up its own streaming service, the writing was on the wall long before Netflix announced at the tail end of 2018 that Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil would not be renewed. Punisher and Jessica Jones’ cancelation announcement followed this February. Now that it has its own streaming platform launching in November 2019 — just in time for the holiday season — Disney is pushing ahead with its own, in-house Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, including series for the Scarlet Witch and Vision, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki.

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