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SNL pit Game of Thrones against Avengers: Endgame in a monolithic Family Feud

All culture converges in one sketch

If movies and television are supposed to be the way to escape the chaos of the world, they’re doing a crummy job of clearing the air for pure enjoyment. This weekend saw the mega-franchise stars align as Avengers: Endgame celebrated its second, two-billion-dollar weekend, Game of Thrones prepared for its fourth of six final season episodes, and May 4 rang in this year’s “Star Wars Day,” which flooded the conversation with saga celebration and hype for December’s The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s ... a lot.

Feeling the overwhelming pressure of every pop culture firework launching at once, Saturday Night Live made a rare move in this week’s episode, skipping the week in political news (sorry, William Barr’s congressional testimonies) to indulge in a swirl of Endgame and Thrones. The result is Family Feud parody madness, with Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey as ringleader.

On the Endgame team: Thor, Thanos, Okoye, and Groot.

On the Thrones team: Brienne, Tormund, Melisandre, and Bran.

As a character from an entirely different franchise (that has a sequel coming out in two weeks) once said: “Let them fight.”

SNL’s game show parodies are mostly an excuse to get every cast member doing their best impressions. The Avengers vs. Westeros showdown lives up to its own hype. Beck Bennett as Thanos will haunt our nightmares far longer than Josh Brolin’s. Them the facts.

Watch the full sketch above. And if you need more of either team, dive into our extensive Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones coverage. The feud never ends.

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