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Disney offers first look at Gravity Falls and DuckTales artist’s new series

Dark magic! Demons! Dazzling witches!

Disney Channel’s newest animated series Owl House comes from Gravity Falls and DuckTales alum Dana Terrace. Owl House is a horror-comedy about a self-assured teenager named Luz who stumbles upon a portal to the Demon Realm and meets a rebellious witch named Eda. Despite having no magical powers herself, Luz decides to become Eda’s apprentice.

The first teaser, released during the show’s Annecy 2019 panel, is set to slightly eerie fantastical music, setting the tone for the whole show. There isn’t any dialogue, but we do get a view of the purple-tinged Demon Realm and its quirky-looking inhabitants: giant bird monsters, plant-tendrilled creatures, and cyclops teenagers, oh my!

Owl House is the fourth Disney television animated series to be helmed by a woman, following the recently ended Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, and 1990s kid classic Pepper Ann. Originally set for a 2019 release, Owl House will air on Disney Channel in 2020.

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