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Young Justice: Outsiders teaser reveals a powerful new villain

The animated DC show returns July 2

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

The second part of Young Justice: Outsiders arrives on DC Universe on July 2. A first look for the upcoming episodes teases new battles and new villains.

The midseason finale ended with the revelation that the long lost Princess Tara is actually working for the bad guys — something that won’t surprise anyone familiar with her previous iterations. It was also revealed that the mysterious Goode Goggles, a piece of popular VR tech, were being used by the evil organization to lure susceptible superpowered teenagers to human trafficking center. With that also came the news that Granny Goodness, much like her comic counterpart, is one of the bad guys (specifically one of Darkseid Apokolips lackies).

We see glimpses of the powered-up Granny Goodness in this new teaser. It also brings back some of the popular heroes from seasons past like Bart Allen, Wonder Girl, and Beast Boy, as well as some new to the series.

Young Justice originally aired on Cartoon Network form 2011 to 2013, but was cancelled after two seasons to make room for more marketable shows. Because the series was a fan favorite and because the second season ended with the tragic death of a beloved character, fans rallied to bring back the show in some capacity. After many fan campaigns and rumors, in November 2016, Warner Brothers officially announced that the series would return.

The first half of season 3 aired in January. Part 2 of Young Justice: Outsiders returns in July, with new episodes airing every Tuesday starting July 2.

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