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Westworld season 3’s big Comic-Con trailer sets the stage for a robot hunt

Plus, Maeve goes to WWII world!

HBO has released the first full trailer for the third season of Westworld at San Diego Comic-Con, and it has given fans their first look at what they can expect from the upcoming episodes of the show. The season will premiere in 2020.

The trailer showed Dolores navigating the real world, Aaron Paul’s character Caleb trying to stay alive, Bernard going back to the Delos robot retirement home, and Maeve in World War II world. The two-minute spot give us our first clear idea of what this season of Westworld would be about.

A short, cryptic teaser was released in May during the final run of Game of Thrones, and focused on the world outside of the theme park, showing viewers what seemed to be a criminal played by Aaron Paul complaining about inequality in the modern world before showing a single familiar face in the final shot. The trailer signaled a new direction for the show, although it’s always possible that HBO is indulging in a bit of creative misdirection with the marketing materials.

The third season of Westworld will be released on HBO in 2020. You can read our review of the second season to get caught up, or if you just need a moment to remember everything that happened in the story up until this point. Things got a little complicated there near the end.

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