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The first full trailer for Amazon’s Carnival Row shows off the love story at the heart of the fantasy noir

Fairies, fauns, humans, oh my!

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne’s fantastical Amazon Prime series Carnival Row finally has a full trailer.

The trailer depicts fae refugees living in squalid conditions in the titular Carnival Row, a neighborhood in the human-ruled city of The Burg. We see glimpses of the gory murder that Orlando Bloom’s detective character has been called to investigate, which has been committed by “something unnatural — neither man nor fae.”

Carnival Row follows Orlando Bloom’s character Rycroft Philostrate as he investigates the murder of a faerie showgirl. The show is the long-gestating brainchild of executive producer Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim, Clash of the Titans). In a San Diego Comic-Con press conference, Beacham described the show as “Dickensian” — and not in the superficial Victorian sense of the word.

“What Dickens was really good at, and what I’m trying to aspire to with the writing of this show, was wrestling with issues of the time, but in a way that’s very personal,” Beacham said. “It tells the story of the struggles that people were going through the specific struggles of an individual character.”

The eight-episode series will debut on Amazon Prime on August 30.

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