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This new Netflix show looks like JoJo meets Hades

Blood of Zeus arrives Oct. 27

Netflix announced Monday that Blood of Zeus, an original anime, will come to the streaming service on Oct. 27. It’s an uncannily timed arrival, because this anime has very strong Hades vibes, with more than a few interesting parallels with the Supergiant roguelike.

In Blood of Zeus, the Greek pantheon have battled back the Titans, and have had time to lick their wounds from the war. But it looks like trouble is on the horizon once again, and one young man realizes that he’s actually the secret son of Zeus, and able to use his power to aid the pantheon in their war against demons born of the Titans. (For fans of Greek mythology, it is absolutely no surprise that Zeus sired some extra kids who might show up in times of conflict later on.)

Blood of Zeus was produced by the same studio behind Netflix’s Castlevania, and it was originally announced and promoted under the name Gods & Monsters. The art style is also reminiscent of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. There’s tons of drama, characters from Greek mythology, and large-scale action happening in the series trailer, and it may just be the closest thing we get an adaptation of Hades.

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