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SNL’s Frozen 2 deleted scenes say all the quiet parts out loud

Elsa, Kristof, Mattias and many elephants in the room

Frozen 2’s deleted scenes, according to Saturday Night Live, would definitely make its Blu-Ray a collector’s item. Kate McKinnon as Elsa and Cecily Strong as Anna certainly, uh, go there with a few topics on the minds of many.

Yeah, so, we’re probably pretty sure about Elsa already, especially following her “Show Yourself” number. And as Anna points out, the raging Twitter-storm over Elsa speaks for itself, too. Whatever, the lack of any romantic interest doesn’t bother Elsa anyway.

J.J. Watt, fresh off five minutes of self-deprecation in the Madden NFL 21 sketch shows up in a hideous bowl cut to tout Kristof’s “big and woke” credentials. And Kenan Thompson’s Lt. Mattias is certainly not making any kind of token appearance responding to a whitewashing controversy; shame on you for even suggesting that.

We’re guessing that whatever impolite questions Disney may have raised with its treatment of Frozen 2’s characters, they’re sufficiently answered by $1.325 billion and a championship belt saying “world’s biggest grossing animated film of all time.”

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